Investor Relations

Tower Properties is a publicly traded corporation which on January 6, 2006 filed a Form 15 with the SEC pursuant to Rule 12h-3 under the Exchange Act of 1934 suspending its duty under Section 15(d) to file reports required by Section 13(a) of the Exchange Act.

If you are interested in learning about recent financial performances or if you have a question about trading shares, please contact Stan Weber, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, (816) 421-8255,

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Property Owner/Leasing

We take a comprehensive look at our client's space requirements and budget and then prepare a lease that best suits their needs and provides the most value for the dollar.

Property Management

We've implemented a management process to deliver first-class property services to our tenants, control operating expenses, and provide operating income/expenses analysis and coordinate vendor services.

Property Development

We've been developing properties since 1971, and every project begins with one fundamental goal: create an environment that gives our clients every possible advantage in achieving success.

Construction Management

We serve as the single point of contact for a project, all you have to do is be ready to take the keys and move right in.